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The terms cabinetmaking and joinery are used interchangeably in Australia but is there actually a difference? Well, cabinetmaking and joinery are in fact two different trades where joinery is a specialised process to connect wood with a minimum of mechanical fastenings (nails & screws) and is far more commonly used in pieces of high aesthetic value, when fixings should not be visible. 

Cabinetmakers are more directly involved with the manufacture of storage componentry and cabinets and strength efficiency are valued, meaning that more mechanical fasteners are used. By and large, however, these two trades have overlapped in modern times with improvements and adoption of new technologies so these days cabinetmaker and joiner have come to mean the same tradesperson. 

What is Commercial Joinery?

Commercial joinery encompasses a wide range of furniture, fixtures, and fittings for commercial spaces, including cabinets, shelving, reception desks, partitions, dividers, and office furniture like desks, chairs, and tables. The commercial joinery process involves consultation, design, fabrication, and installation.

Some examples of commercial joinery are shop counters and shelving, partitions in bathrooms and dividers, specialised storage, and desks in office spaces. Whilst ‘how’ the joinery functions and is used is the focus when it comes to commercial joinery, with the right design and attention to detail, commercial joinery can be beautiful as well.

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Commercial joinery is specified by an engineer, architect, or interior designer in their scope of works and schedule of finishes and this type of joinery takes a specialist craftsman to design, build, and install it.

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Choosing A Commercial Cabinet Maker

Commercial joinery is a different subset of joinery or cabinetmaking, in that there are many various elements that step it outside of the realm of building cabinets and drawers. Strength, durability, and ease of use often take priority over the aesthetic, but not always. More often than not a delicate balance needs to be struck between the form, function, and affordability of commercial joinery, which makes it a much more nuanced branch of the industry.

Commercial joinery should not be undertaken by just any cabinet maker or joiner. As mentioned previously, commercial joinery requires specialist cabinetmaking and joinery skillsets that are only mastered with many years of experience.

Commercial joinery is one of Arete Joinery’s specialties with more than 70 years of combined experience and a broad set of skills across carpentry, joinery, cabinetmaking, and shopfitting, we are the ideal choice to assist with your architectural joinery requirements.

Our factory is conveniently located in Northgate, Brisbane meaning that we are both easy to visit for a design consultation and our proximity to the major thoroughfares means that our getting to site in full and on time can be depended on.

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