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The terms cabinetmaking and joinery are used interchangeably in Australia but is there actually a difference? Well, cabinetmaking and joinery are in fact two different trades where joinery is a specialised process to connect wood with a minimum of mechanical fastenings (nails & screws) and is far more commonly used in pieces of high aesthetic value, when fixings should not be visible. 

Cabinetmakers are more directly involved with the manufacture of storage componentry and cabinets and strength efficiency are valued, meaning that more mechanical fasteners are used. By and large, however, these two trades have overlapped in modern times with improvements and adoption of new technologies so these days cabinetmaker and joiner have come to mean the same tradesperson. 

Why Choose A Specialist Cabinet Maker?

Discerning clients are looking for more than just what everyone else has. These are individuals who are seeking a bespoke high-end finish and are willing to pay for the best but expect it in kind.

Builders and developers are well advised to seek the support of a specialist cabinet maker/joiner when they are engaged by clients looking to achieve a high-end finish or looking for a level of joinery to set themselves apart from the competition in their projects.

Arete-Joinery-Kitchen- Norman Park

Qualities such as experience, diversity of skills, and attention to detail will prove invaluable throughout the project. From scoping and costing the job correctly to the construction method employed for the more complicated elements of the joinery, all the way to the finished, adjusted, and cleaned product, choosing a specialist cabinetmaker will give peace of mind to the builder and their client that they are getting exactly what they paid for in line with the timeline finish they expect.

Arete Joinery: The Sensible Choice

Commercial joinery encompasses a wide range of furniture, fixtures, and fittings for commercial spaces, including cabinets, shelving, reception desks, partitions, dividers, and office furniture like desks, chairs, and tables. The commercial joinery process involves consultation, design, fabrication, and installation.

Some examples of commercial joinery are shop counters and shelving, partitions in bathrooms and dividers, specialised storage, and desks in office spaces. Whilst how the joinery functions and is used is the focus when it comes to commercial joinery, with the right design and attention to detail, commercial joinery can be beautiful as well.

Arete Joinery Cabinet Making-Walk in Robe-in-Bulimba-TV Unit

Project in Focus - Bulimba

What Our Clients Say

Fred and his team have been a joy to work with. 

As a builder and developer of high end properties in the CBD, we need to know that not only will our product be of the highest quality, but also that it will arrive on time and go in first time. 

Arete Joinery delivers in spades.

John, Builder, Bulimba

We have struggled to find a cabinet maker that has been able to meet our spec on high end projects and whilst also being capable of finding affordable solutions for our commercial multi-residential sites as well. 

We found Arete joinery almost three years ago and we are on to our seventh project together. We can recommend them highly.

Mary, Developer, Ascot

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